Know Astha:
Earlier the treatment facility was in the name of Kripa Foundation. Kripa's only Counseling Centre was started in Delhi by Mr. Anil Bhandoola in 1989 with an MOU with Fr. Joe Parriera. And Kripa De-Addiction, Counseling & Rehabilitation Centre started in 1995. In 1995, M.C.D. (Slum & J.J.) Dept.) had allotted the M.C.D. Community Center, building at New Ranjit Nagar to start a full funcitioning treatment faciltity in New Ranjit Nagar, after seeing the commendable work done by Mr. Anil Bhandoola in the field of Addiction/ Alcoholism. In 2002, Astha Foundation (N.G.O.) changed the name of the treatment Centre from ; Kripa Foundation to Astha Foundation. And started working in collaboration with Kripa Foundation. 
The treatment plans of ASTHA Foundation are based on the realization that Addiction is a Bio-Psycho-Social Disease. This approach has had a powerful and positive impact on their contributions. We have had a success rate of 85% + in assisting individuals to regain control of their lives. The highest recognition of their extensive and dedicated work and results has been placed on record by a Member of Parliament with the Government of India.

ASTHA Foundation has a 50 bedded accomadation, Detoxification Wing cum Residential Rehabilitation Facility for the people who Chemically Dependent on Drugs & Alcohol. Since the time of inception in the years 2002, ASTHA Foundation has successfully Treated to approx. 23,000 males and many females from all walks of life, who have gone through the immense programm of Rehabilitation successfully and has been Re-integrated into the society as a productive member of the society. The centre is operated with support of Residential Managers (24 hours) and Counsellors. The Community also has the facility of Housekeeper's & Cooks.